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Estrellas Testimonials

"I love it. I've made so many new friends... Had so many awesome experiences... I've found more confidence in myself! The teachers are awesome. We're all just like one big family!" - Kofi, Student

"Estrellas isn't just about learning, it's about having fun too. You make lots of new friends and you learn new things, as well a going on tour and summer camp...  I've gained a lot of confidence because when I first started estrellas I was very shy and after a few months I felt confortable and I felt like I could do anything. The shows we do are amazing, it always turns out fantastically, because we put a lot of work into it making them visually spectacular. The teachers are amazing and we always have a lot of fun with them and they always know how to make uslaugh. We have all grown into a great big family" - Natalie H. Student


I have to say Estrellas is my life.... it is the only place where I am able to be me, and have true friends supporting me in all of my decisions whether they are good or really bad and embarrassing (priscilla queen of the desert comes to mind haha). I know most people will say that Estrellas has improved their Acting, Singing and Dancing which i agree with, but moreover it has allowed me to develop into a more confident individual whether it be on-stage or off. Estrellas has also introduced me to a group of extremely talented and professional young people that continue to wow me every time I perform with them, and I am proud to say I hold all the students and teachers very close to my heart.... Love you all. xx - Jack R. Student


Well,I've been in Estrella's since I was 4 so I was there since it opened and I am still enjoying every minute of it,I've learnt so much and gained confidence with my acting,dancing and singing. I've also made lot's of new great friends there. I also love all my teachers they are amazing xx - Helena M, Student

Estrellas is part of my life. When i wake up on Wednesday morning i have a masive smile on my face because i know its going to be agreat day at Estrellas! I love it! Estrellas Rocks!

– Jamie B.S., Student


Where do I start ... just the most amazing experience. My son attended Estrellas and the care and dedication of this school made it a very positive experience. 
All the staff work hard to make every child feel like they belong and can bring something special to each performance.
It ticks all the boxes .... great to have been part of the Estrellas family - Debra R, Parent

"When I come to Estrellas the stars in the sky are lightened. The reason why is because I know I am learning, living and having fun. When I leave I know I will be on a stage with Estrellas in my heart" - Alex S. Student


"I love the dancing lessons. When I joined Estrellas last year, I could hardly do a pirouhette, now I'm amazed at the progress I have made with the help of the tutors. Not only can I dance but I can sing and act. If I can, then, so can anyone else"  - Maria, Student

"I like to come to Estrellas because I think it is awesome, fabulous, astounding, brilliant, super-duper, cool, happy and great" - Irati, Student


"I remain impressed with the camaraderie between all the Estrellas kids. It is a group open to all cultures and nationalities. There's friendship between 6 year olds and 16 year olds - They all help and collaborate with each other. These values ​​are very hard to come by in the society we live in today, clearly the staff have succeeded. They learn to sing, dance and act. What else could one ask for?"  - Mayka, Parent

My twin boy and girl joined estrellas when they were 4 never could I thank the staff enough at the school as without the training and support my children would never of achieved such fantastic results. Now at 13 my son has appeared in Maltilda (west end), Goodnight Mr Tom (west end and uk tour) The Nose (The Royal Opera house) and is currently Young Harry Potter (west end). He has also appeared in a film, done tv as young Rylan Clark, numerous adverts for Nickelodeon and has done too many voice overs to list and has just signed another 12 month contract as the voice of Caz in Shimmer & Shine. Also 2 years ago he was fortunate enough to win a part scholarship at Sylvia Young Theatre School. My daughter has appeared on Cbbc The Worst Whitch and just done a voice over/interview for the new Saturday Cbbc morning show. She has also Won Little Miss Cheshire 2017 and is appearing in Little Miss Teen GB at the end of October. Didn't mean to go on but I am so grateful to the fantastic theatre school in Tenerife Estrellas. Without Estrellas none of this would of been possible.Thank you Estrellas - Louise N, Parent

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