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Estrellas Theatre School

Estrellas Theatre School takes place in the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), and now in London, U.K.  giving students Performing Arts training, performance opportunities and LAMDA examinations along with extra singing, acting and dance lessons in both north and south of the island. 

We focus on the following disciplines:



This includes voice work, improvisation, mime and movement, role play, script work, acting for television and theatre…and much, much more! For younger students, this often takes the form of drama ‘games’ designed to encourage learning through play. Theatre is an excellent tool for developing self-confidence, communication skills, social awareness and teamwork.



Provided with live piano accompaniment, students are taught to sing naturally and are instructed in correct breathing techniques. The students are exposed to a wide variety of musical genres, helping them to find their own voice. 


Solo singing is encouraged but by no means mandatory. Singing is a fantastic form of artistic expression and helps improve rhythm, concentration, memory and listening skills.


Apart from being a great form of exercise, dance is invaluable for improving posture, coordination and presentation skills. Each class starts with a thorough warm-up, followed by work on technique. The children then learn routines inspired by musical theatre and the latest pop videos.

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