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LAMDA Examinations

"LAMDA’s examinations have provided each and every learner

 with the skills and the confidence to succeed in life."


Estrellas provides private acting and singing classes outside of the main estrellas hours where student follow a syllabus: LAMDA. During the year the students will rehearse a few set pieces alongside the knowledge which follows them and present them to a London examination board where they will be awarded a Pass, a Merit or a Distinction.


Estrellas Theatre School commends itself on its excellent results being one of the best schools in the world. LAMDA should be compulsory for students who wish to take Acting or Musical Theatre as a professional career in life.

LAMDA classes are all taught at three separate locations: 

1. Calle Mirador la Cumbrita, 10, 38640 Arona (Wingate School),  

2. Av. Madroñal, 10, 38670 Adeje (Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje)

3. Calle Esquilón Bajo, 18, Puerto de la Cruz

LAMDA - Acting 

Verse & Prose 

Ages 5 - 7

Teacher: Maureen Sands

Solo (Solo -  Grade 8)

Ages 7+

Teacher: Maureen Sands

Duo (Grade 1 - 8)

Ages 7+

Teacher: Maureen Sands

Combined (Grade 1 - 8)

Ages 7+

Teacher: Maureen Sands

LAMDA - Musical Theatre

Solo (Grade 1 - 8)

Ages 7+

Teacher: Maureen Sands

Duo (Grade 1 - 8)

Ages 7+

Teacher: Maureen Sands

Group (Grade 1 - 8)

Ages 7+

Teacher: Maureen Sands

If your child would like to join
our LAMDA Classes click here.
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What is LAMDA?


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1861, it quickly established itself as a centre of excellence in performance training. LAMDA has provided theatre and the world of film and television with generation upon generation of first-class actors and expertly-trained stage managers across the world.


LAMDA began offering speech examinations to the public in the 1880s. Since then, these examinations have been refined and developed into a comprehensive system of performance evaluation by experts in education, acting and communication. In addition to being the UK’s largest statutory speech and drama awarding body, LAMDA Examinations has a reputation for excellence across the globe.


Estrellas and LAMDA


We are the only examination centre here in Tenerife to provide our students with the possibility to take a variety of exams annually including Solo/Duo Acting, Group Devised pieces, Musical Theatre, Solo / Duo Devised etc.


LAMDA examinations are designed to equip candidates, whatever their age or aspirations, with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life.


Preparation for an examination can:


  • Unlock the imagination and stimulate creative-thinking

  • Develop communication skills

  • Refine technical skills and artistry

  • Promote team-working.


 The examinations themselves provide candidates with an opportunity to:


  • Measure progress against an international standard

  • Make contact with expert practitioner examiners outside the immediate teaching environment

  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Acquire skill certification for career development

  • Receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development.



LAMDA and University Entrance


We are pleased to announce that a number of LAMDA Examinations’ QCA-Accredited* higher level qualifications have been included in the UCAS Tariff. Students passing any of the Academy’s National Qualifications Framework-accredited Level 3 exams i.e. Bronze, Silver and Gold medal awards will be able to claim between 20 and 90 UCAS points, comparable with their attainment.

Will the points for Grades 6, 7 and 8 be cumulative?


Unfortunately, no. Each exam subject, for example the Speaking of Verse and Prose, is classified as a different qualification. However, each grade within that subject is classified as the same qualification, but at a different level. This means that if a student were to take Grades 6, 7 and 8, it is only the highest attainment that he or she would be awarded points for. This may not necessarily be the Grade 8. If, for example, a student achieved a Distinction at Grade 7, but only a Pass at Grade 8, he or she would be allocated the 55 points achieved at Grade 7.


Can a candidate take more than one subject and gain points for each?


Yes. Each of the Academy’s examination subjects is classified as a different qualification, so students can take examinations in a number of different subjects and be awarded points for each. For example, a student could take Grade 8 in both the Speaking of Verse and Prose and Acting, achieve a distinction in both and be awarded 130 points. If they were to then go on and take their P.Cert.LAM and achieve a distinction, they would be awarded 220 points.


How will the universities receive confirmation of a candidate’s LAMDA Examinations attainment?


LAMDA will be approached by UCAS to supply the relevant information once it has received the student’s application form. UCAS will then be responsible for passing these details onto all the universities the candidate has applied to.


Will examination certificates be required as proof of a LAMDA qualification?


Whilst the correct procedures are put into place, it is possible that students using their LAMDA Examinations to qualify for tariff points may be asked to produce their examination certificates as proof of the qualification. However, it is more likely that UCAS would contact LAMDA directly for this information, rather than request that the student produces his or her certificate.


Will the universities understand what LAMDA Examinations are?


Yes. All of the colleges and universities who use the UCAS tariff in their admissions process will be educated by UCAS about what Speech and Drama examinations are, to ensure that a student’s LAMDA attainment is properly recognised.


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